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We make apps that take care of your business, so you can take care of your customers.

Because when you’re taking care of your customers, everyone wins. And your business grows.
Wasp Digital

Mobile Apps for every Business

We design and develop mobile apps and digital marketing solutions for a wide range of industries.

Wasp Digital

We are modern & innovative

We are a team of enthusiastic individuals that work together to deliver digital solutions for our customers. Each team member has been specially selected based on their expertise to ensure we provide the best results for our customers.

Mobile Technology
We are passionate about technology, and its power to optimise the performance of businesses.

Our apps are designed to provide solutions to the challenges faced by organisations, large and small – from start-up to established. They will help you save time, increase profits, and aim to ensure you never again miss an opportunity.

Imagine client “no shows” becoming a thing of the past. Or the efficiency of a custom-built digital ordering system for your café. Or being able to offer a digital customer loyalty punch card. Game-changing.

It’s about leveraging the power of what’s in everyone’s pockets – mobile technology. Your customers – and your employees – are mobile. You need to be too.

Talk to us about how we can assist you to leverage the power of mobile technology. Together, we’ll put into action apps that will streamline your processes, overcome challenges, provide solutions, and better engage with customers.

We have an app for almost anything. Here are three.

Employee Schedule

Organise your staff with our powerful rostering app. Employees use their mobile device to clock in and out when they are within a predefined radius on your business. This automatic time sheet reduces wage costs and helps you manage your team with ease.


Give your customers the option of booking their appointments from their mobile phone. A secure, digital checkout receives payment, reducing no shows. Automated emails send confirmation and reminders, saving you time and resources.

VIP Reward

Earn customer loyalty by rewarding those who spend the most by tracking how much they spend. When your top customers earn a certain amount, send them a reward fit for a VIP.

How much business are you missing out on?

Do you want to attract repeat business without breaking the bank? Well now you can!

Make it easy for your customers to buy from you, the way they want to buy from you; via their mobile devices. Let us show you how!

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Australind app developer delivering wins for local businesses

A south West app developer is leveraging the power of what's in everyone's pocket-mobile technology- to come up with the digital solutions to challenge faced by local businesses. Through her mobile app design and development business Wasp Digital, Adele Cave aims to help businesses save time, increase profits and reduce missed opportunities. From a rostering ...